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Our next village event will be Christmas Tree Festival on 15th December 2017 at 11:00 AM in St Paul's Church

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At least 80 Landkey residents attended the Act of Remembrance at the war memorial on 12th November 2017 at 11am. Earlier, from 10 am, almost all the seats in the village hall were taken for the Service of Remembrance at which as many as 50 people were present. Here, the 2 minutes' silence at the memorial is observed. Image courtesy of Charles Waldron 12th November 2017.
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Village Hall


Originally known as The Reading Room, the village hall was built in the early years of the 20th century. A Mr and Mrs E R Wigram of Mount Sandford (in Landkey Road) provided it for the benefit of the men of the men of the parish.

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Photographed probably in the early years of the 20th century, these men and boys are relaxing outside what is now the village hall, with Blakeshill Road visible in the background. At that time, the hall was a Reading Room for men only!

Mr Wigram ran the building as a men's club and the rules were strict: women, girls and boys under eighteen were not allowed and no one was to raise their voice! Apart from the Town Mills water-powered corn mill, the hall was the first building in the village to have its own electricity supply, produced from a small generator.

At the onset of the first World War in 1914, Mr and Mrs Wigram presented the hall to the parish and three trustees were appointed for its management: Mr W T Buckingham, Mr S Bouchier Wrey of Tawstock and Mr Wigram. At this time, a small shooting range was set up for target practice with air guns and billard tables were later added.

After the second World War it was felt that more use should be made of the building, so two public meetings were held and proposal to hand it over to the Charity Commisioners was carried and the Village Hall as we currently know it came into being.

Facilities at that time were basic: there was one earth closet outside and a very small room with a sink served as a kitchen. Later, an extension providing a kitchen and toilet was built, money for this being raised from interest-free loans and fundraising activities.

When a gas pipeline was laid to the village 1992, gas central heating was installed. In more recent years, Landkey Football Club used the hall as a dressing room until a purpose-built facility was constructed on the Green.