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In Brief

Our next village event will be Bible Study Series on 23rd October 2017 at 2:00 PM in The Old Manor, Landkey

Read the Parish Council Minutes of 6th September 2017

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This image comes from a scan of a calendar page contributed by visitors to Landkey (on 10th August 2017) who had recently purchased a house in South Devon. On exploring their loft, they came across a calendar for 1964 and discovered this scene of St Paul's Church and Landkey Town bridge for July-August of that year. The house below the church, which is visible in the picture, was occupied by Mr and Mrs Mills with their daughters. Mr Mills was the Church Warden for many years and they left Landkey to live in Plymouth. Their house was demolished in 1964. We are grateful to the visitors for letting us have this picture and for Betty Parker for submitting it to be included on the village website. Image courtesy of Betty Parker (uploaded by C Waldron) 11th August 2017.
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Social Groups

  • Landkey Horticultural Society: Marcia Clayton. Tel. 01271 830860
  • Mothers' Union: Mrs Eileen MacCaig. Tel. 01271 831020
  • Landkey Football Club: M Rippon. Tel. 01271 830758
  • Landkey United Fellowship: Marian Wright. Tel. 01271 830717
    Landkey United Fellowship welcomes both men and women from any church tradition or none. There is no formal ‘membership’ and visitors are always welcome. More information...
  • Landkey Women's Institute: Mrs Hazel Price. Tel. 01271 831259
  • Cacti Club: Barry Hancock. Tel. 01271 346494
  • Art Group: Mrs Lyn Morton. Tel. 01271 830339
  • Craft Group: Ann. Tel. 01271 830783
  • Landkey Brownies: Mrs A Wyborn. Tel. 01271 830323
  • Landkey Guides: Mrs C Russell.
  • Landkey Whist Group: Gordon Short. Tel. 01271 830563

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