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Our next village event will be Community Day on 23rd June 2018 at 12:00 PM in Millennium Green, etc.

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The mazzard blossom this year lasted from St George's Day (23rd April) until well into May and provided a scenic view on the Millennium Green. The fruit has now set and will ripen in the next few weeks.

1st June 2018

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Bluebells in Harford Woods on 7th May 2018. Image courtesy of Charles Waldron 14th June 2018.
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Comments from Landkey residents on matters of relevance to the village are shown here. If you have a matter that you would like to comment on, please feel free to submit it on the "Your Point of View" page.

From Tracey Hommell on 7th January 2014:
Hi Emma might we be able to ask on behalf of Landkey toddler group if there are any volunteers out there who might like to help us out on Tuesdays and Fridays or just one of these days. Can this website help in any way to get the message out into the community? Thanks Tracey x
Emma Marshall (Councillor) sent this reply on 8th January 2014:
I think it would be perfectly fine to ask for volunteers through the points of view section. Go for it. So glad it went well yesterday. I will put it on the calendar for you too!
From emma marshall on 24th December 2013:
On behalf of the Parish Council, we would like to wish a very merry Christmas to all in Landkey and beyond.
The website is showing itself a great success so far and may it long continue.
Oh and also a happy new year to you all.
From tracey hommell on 12th December 2013:
Hi Emma after our meeting on Tuesday with regards starting up a Baby and Toddler Group we were wondering if the council would be so kind in sending us a letter to state in writing that we are allowed to have Landkey old school building for the month of January on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9am until 11.30am and whether you might me able to let us know the cost of the hire for the 2nd month February as we can use this for our application for community funding. Thank you very Much Tracey Hommell on behalf of Landkey Baby and Toddler Group.
From Tracey Hommell on 6th December 2013:
Hello there, is there anywhere on the Landkey village website where I could advertise my childminding business which is in the village please thank you.
Emma Marshall (Councillor) sent this reply on 9th December 2013:
We are in the process of setting up an advertisement page and the charges that will go with it. I will get back to you as soon as I know more and hopefully other businesses will follow.
From emma marshall on 3rd December 2013:
The residents of Newlands Lodge were visited by 57 pupils from Landkey Primary School on 3rd December. And were treated to some beautiful carols and songs from their christmas play this year. The ladies absolutely loved seeing and hearing the energy from the children. It really felt like christmas. Thankyou to all who helped in bringing the children.