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A garland of knitted poppies adorned the war memorial in readiness for Remembrance Sunday, 2019. Numbering 365, one for each day of the year since Remembrance Day last year, they were knitted by village residents Karen Trigger, Sue Ackland, Anita Thorne and Liz Davies. Their work is much appreciated and led to a round of applause at the Act of Remembrance on 10th November. Image courtesy of Charles Waldron 13th November 2019.
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Comments from Landkey residents on matters of relevance to the village are shown here. If you have a matter that you would like to comment on, please feel free to submit it on the "Your Point of View" page.

From Betty Antell on 6th July 2014:
Could something be done about the visibility at the end of Tanners Road, and the South Hayes junction, on to the main road. At the moment its an accident waiting to happen - why not just cut the foilage right back with a strimmer or something similar.
From Vicky Bryan on 14th June 2014:
I cannot believe my eyes, This morning sadly someone lost their life on the Link road and two others were seriously injured and the road has been closed eversinse, So all the traffic is coming through the village, and some absolute idiots are absolutely charging through the village, I am absolutely fuming do they not know it is 30 miles per hour through the village. Get their number, they are going too blinking fast to get their number.
From Vicky Bryan on 7th May 2014:
Would like to add to the complaint about the speeding cars and motorbikes through the village, have just been stood in my garden and a motorbike raced up the road, even though there is a crossing and the children are walking home from school. This happens on a daily basis.

We were told years ago when the crossing was proposed that this would slow vehicles down, no chance, some don't even stop when you are stood waiting to cross the road. In fact I have even had people put their hands up and wave as they merrily drive through on the wrong side of the road.

So now we have a crossing and chicane designed to slow people down and neither works, last weekend whilst walking down to the shop I saw one car overtake another on the crossing.

Do we have to wait until someone, probably a child or elderly person get seriously hurt before something is done.
Emma Marshall (Councillor) sent this reply on 8th May 2014:
Glyn Lane, the Chair has asked if you would be able to take any vehicles registration number if possible and we can then on to the police.
The same thing has happened to me, but I dont always get the registration as they are going so fast.
I hope this works please let me know.
From Prowse Richard on 20th March 2014:
Certainly on road parking is a serious issue in the village. Arguably, the problem is not the parking but the traffic trying to drive through, which seems to be increasing. Problem with yellow lines - Landkey village is full of houses with families who have no other parking option, and at least the parked cars stop the through traffic from speeding. There is no solution which suits everyone.
From Geoffrey Goldsworthy on 13th March 2014:
I to would like to complain about the amount of vehicles speeding through our village, I find it happens throughout the day. The amount of vehicles parking on bend's is another thing to be looked into. I think the use of some double yellow lines are called for.
Emma Marshall (Councillor) sent this reply on 14th March 2014:
What I will do is find out from the other councillors what we can do regarding this problem and get back to you. Hope this is ok.