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Our next Parish Council meeting will be on 3rd February 2021 at 7:00 PM in Virtual Parish Council Meeting

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Parish Council Chairman, Richard Halliday, lays a wreath at the village war memorial at the Act of Remembrance on 8th November 2020. Image courtesy of Charles Waldron 8th November 2020.
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Comments from Landkey residents on matters of relevance to the village are shown here. If you have a matter that you would like to comment on, please feel free to submit it on the "Your Point of View" page.

From Richard Medland on 29th April 2015:
This is an open reply to Councillor Emma Marshall’s comments of April 28th.

Hello Emma

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I am not able to fully accept it because some of the content does not appear to fit the facts.

You say that “The Parish Council supports and shares the objectives and benefits that the Millennium Green provides and would strive to preserve them as best as possible”. Sorry Emma, but no-one looking at this application, with its plans, can seriously believe that: the developments applied for would be utterly destructive to those objectives, to the intention of the Village Plan and the benefits now enjoyed by all. The Green itself and the area owned by the Parish Council form one consistent whole, green, often quiet place, a valuable breathing space: this will not be the case if we allow this plan to proceed.

As far as ‘a series of consultation meetings’ you mention are concerned, if this nonsense reaches that stage it will be too late. When the thief has entered while you were out, it is too late to say “We didn’t want this stolen” or “We didn’t mean you to take that”! Far better to keep the thief out.

Finally, I believe that if the right person were approached properly by the Parish Council (they know who I mean) then the right site could be made freely available. The right approach will often bring the best results.

Landkey People, I know that our representatives usually mean well, but in this case a huge mistake will be made if we do not put a stop to it. Please write or email your objections now to the Planning Office of the District Council: let’s tell the applicants to think again please. Thank you.

Richard Medland
From Richard Medland on 27th April 2015:
Attention, Landkey People!
An application has been made for planning permission to build a ‘community building and associated car park’ at the Millennium Green. Very good idea, you might think, but look again: the proposal is to build the ‘community building’ on the site of the football club changing room car park constructed a few years ago, with 83 (yes, 83) car parking spaces running from right there down along where the footpath is at the lower (south) side of the football field. In other words, every square inch of the land now occupied by the football club, except the playing field itself, will be urbanised, built on and covered in tarmac, lost forever for the purposes of quiet recreation if this is allowed. This peaceful, green oasis will be gone, unless you act now.

Now the good news: there are at least two other options as to where to put the ‘community building’: the old school in Manor Road is one good option, and we also understand that a free site has also been offered, by a generous landowner, beside the Millennium Green, with much easier and more suitable access and without loss of amenity. Either site would avoid the inevitable problems of noise from the proposed building and huge numbers of cars potentially visiting, and either site is preferable to the one applied for. There is more good news: I hear that this application is best described as ‘testing the water’; in other words, the applicant wants to see what the reaction of the village will be. So let’s send them a clear and unequivocal response: object to the proposal (how to object is set out below) and send a clear ‘NO’ to the application. Let the applicant know that the ‘water’ is too hot!

The Planning Application concerned has the Reference 59148, and you can stop it! The plans can be viewed on the website using the above reference,, and objections can be made either by email at or in writing to Planning, North Devon Council, Lynton House, Commercial Road, Barnstaple, EX31 1DG. Objections need to be received there before 6th. May: write it now unless you want to see your Millennium Green space reduced to a pathetic urban mess very soon. Go on, send it now, in a few days it will be too late!

Richard Medland
Emma Marshall (Councillor) sent this reply on 28th April 2015:
The Parish Council has been working for several years on trying to provide a much needed, new Community Building that is adequate for the current and future needs of Landkey. We have of course reviewed,considered and discussed the potential site options in this time - in open access meetings and with the involvement of other village organisations.

The outline application submitted relates to land owned by the Parish Council and was viewed as the optimum and most cost effective location for a future facility. It is central to the village, has access to the existing village car park and other services. If this outline application is approved we will be consulting views from all parishioners and the Millennium Green committee as to the potential uses, facilities and more detailed design specifications. The Parish Council supports and shares the objectives and benefits that the Millennium Green provides and would strive to preserve these as best as possible.

Among the viable alternatives considered was of course the Old School, but the re-development of this old Victorian building ( with its own access challenges) would have been considerably more costly and the site location is not ideal for Landkey in many ways. The offer of a site adjacent to the Millennium Green is specifically linked to a recent proposal for for 77 houses to be developed by North Devon Homes. The Parish Council has reflected the expressed wishes of residents in opposing this development site. The Parish Council has always resisted inappropriate development that falls outside of the sites identified in the Local Plan. We identified the preferred site and submitted the current outline application prior to any potential offer of an alternative site on the edge of this new development.

Any progression of the current site application will be done by the new Parish Council to be formed after May 7th election day. A series of consultation meetings will no doubt follow and will be publicised in due course. The viability of planning consent for this site is only the first step of many for Landkey and we would hope that there will be many opportunities for Parishioners views to be expressed and considered.

From Harry Butterworth on 27th April 2015:
Firstly, my compliments on such an excellent web site.
Reading your letters about traffic problems I almost felt I was looking at our own village web site ( When it comes to car parking, Fred has the same right to own a car as Bill and both are entitled to park on the highway regardless of whether either has access to off street parking or not. It is a real problem here, made particularly difficult because if you move the problem from one place it merely turns up somewhere else.
Speeding is also a nightmare. Our police won’t enforce a 20mph speed limit and the cost of speed humps, let alone “pillows” is far outside our Parish Council’s budget. Other villages have radar speed indicators and a couple of visits by a police speed trap does make a difference
From Jon Williams on 8th March 2015:
Hi, I have heard on the grape vine that Landkey has been approved for a skate/bmx park? Does anyone know anything about this? Is it true and if so where is the proposed site please.
Emma Marshall (Councillor) sent this reply on 9th March 2015:
To answer your query regarding the skate park there has been no planning agreed for this. The police community advisor came along to a meeting and suggested that if there were any monies from development within the village, that the Parish Council consider it for a BMX track. This was only a discussion and to our knowledge has not been taken any further, however, the Parish Council do recognise the need for youth facilities for future consideration.

From Ken Snell on 2nd January 2015:
I think the converted shops used to be a co-op