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Our next Parish Council meeting will be on 3rd February 2021 at 7:00 PM in Virtual Parish Council Meeting

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Parish Council Chairman, Richard Halliday, lays a wreath at the village war memorial at the Act of Remembrance on 8th November 2020. Image courtesy of Charles Waldron 8th November 2020.
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Comments from Landkey residents on matters of relevance to the village are shown here. If you have a matter that you would like to comment on, please feel free to submit it on the "Your Point of View" page.

From Charles Waldron on 4th January 2018:

On behalf of St Paul's Church, I would like to thank all who came along to the services and events which took place in the church over Christmas. It was pleasing to find the church full, or nearly so, for the Nativity play on 17th December, for Carols by Candlelight on 21st December and for Christingle on Christmas Eve. Ten local organisations entered trees in the Christmas Tree Festival which ran from 15th-17th December. Visitors were able to vote for their favourite tree and Landkey Primary School's tree was found to be the winner.

As always, all are welcome to come to regular services and events at St Paul's.

From Charles Waldron on 29th November 2017:

Christmas services and events

Landkey residents might like to know that we at St Paul's Church have organised a range of services and events to celebrate Christmas.

We extend an invitation to local people as well as any visitors spending time in this area to join us on these occasions.

Details of all of these events can be found on our Events Calendar (under Village Events) but, as a foretaste, this is what has been arranged:

  • 15th-17th December - Christmas Tree Festival
  • 16th December - Christmas Fayre
  • 17th December - Nativity play, with a real donkey!
  • 21st December - Carols by Candlelight
  • 24th December - 3 services: Morning service, Christingle and Christmas Communion.
From Michael Gee on 30th October 2017:

Local residents might like to know that an evening of carol singing has been organised to be held at Landkey Primary School on Friday 26th November 2017 at 7:30 pm.

Carol singing in Landkey was once a regular feature of Landkey village life but has fallen out of fashion in recent times. Led by Wren Music, this event aims to re-introduce this traditional seasonal activity and all from our local communities, including Swimbridge and Newport as well as Landkey, are welcome to come along and enjoy this festive occasion.

A poster for the occasion can be viewed on this link:

Landkey Sings!

From Charles Waldron on 12th August 2017:

Intriguing image from 1964

A recent chance encounter has led to an image featuring St Paul's Church, dating from 1964, coming to light.

Landkey resident, Mrs Sue Kitching, was out walking with her grandchildren, on 10th August 2017, when a car drew up beside her and the occupants asked if she was local and if she had lived here for very long. When she answered yes to both questions, they explained that they had recently bought a house in South Devon and, on exploring the loft, came across a calendar dated 1964. One of the entries in the calendar, month of August was of Landkey Church and Landkey Town Bridge. They cut this page from the calendar and, as they were visiting Barnstaple that day, they drove around the village to find the church.

Mrs Kitchen lives next door to Bill and Bett Parker and, realising that the image and story might be of interest to other village residents, Bett suggested that it be added to the village (and church) websites.

Bett also passed on her knowledge that the house below the church was occupied by Mr and Mrs Mills with their daughters. Mr Mills was Churchwarden for many years and they left Landkey to live in Plymouth. The house was demolished in 1964 so this would have been one of the last images of it.

She also commented that the farm across the road was owned by Mr and Mrs Hill and their family, who later moved into a bungalow in Tanners Road. Apparently there used to be a blacksmith’s shop between the farm and the stream and, according to the late Dick Joy, when the stream was in flood the water would rise high enough to put the blacksmith’s fire out.

Bett wonders, as the couple who gave their neighbour the picture said they came from South Devon but didn’t say exactly where, whether house they purchased was once owned by Mr and Mrs Mills, hence the calendar being in the loft. However, as she says, "We’ll never, know will we?"

The image has been uploaded onto this site and may be viewed on this page (or on the Image Gallery).

From Charles Waldron on 13th July 2017:

A meeting was held in the village hall on 11th July 2017 by North Devon Council's Recyclemore team, led by Ricky McCormack, Head of Operational Services.

The aim of the meeting was to review matters arising since the implementation, on 5th June 2017, of a trial 3-weekly black bin collection and enhanced recycled-goods collection scheme.

Several Landkey residents came along and their comments were generally good, with no-one expressing concern that they had insufficient capacity in their black bins to last them for the longer collection period.

This was borne out by the Council's own experience, Ricky explained, with less black-bin rubbish being collected in all of the trial areas, including Landkey, while more recyclable items and food waste were being put out for collection.

Compostable food-caddy liners and whether the Council should provide households with them free of charge was a matter for lengthy discussion. However, the Council's policy on this matter is that, while it is desirable, for hygiene reasons, for kerbside caddies to be lined or for food to first be put in degradable bags, it is not a requirement to do so and food will still be collected as long as it is presented at the kerbside in the caddy. The Council recognised that this is a matter for further discussion, though.

The Council is keen to consult residents again before the end of the trial period and it is likely that another consultation will be held later this year.