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Our next village event will be Bible Study Series on 23rd October 2017 at 2:00 PM in The Old Manor, Landkey

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This image comes from a scan of a calendar page contributed by visitors to Landkey (on 10th August 2017) who had recently purchased a house in South Devon. On exploring their loft, they came across a calendar for 1964 and discovered this scene of St Paul's Church and Landkey Town bridge for July-August of that year. The house below the church, which is visible in the picture, was occupied by Mr and Mrs Mills with their daughters. Mr Mills was the Church Warden for many years and they left Landkey to live in Plymouth. Their house was demolished in 1964. We are grateful to the visitors for letting us have this picture and for Betty Parker for submitting it to be included on the village website. Image courtesy of Betty Parker (uploaded by C Waldron) 11th August 2017.
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From Richard Prowse on 28th July 2015:Subject: Overgrown verge
Thank you to everyone who has complained about the overgrown areas at the bottom of Tanners Road/oosite Landkey Bridge. We have reported these several times - they are the responsibility of the County Council, but they seem reluctant to take any action. We will keep trying. I understand everyone's frustration - especially those who are threatening to chop them down themselves!!

Richard Prowse
From Charles Waldron on 18th July 2015:Subject: War Memorial Refurbishment
Landkey residents might have noticed recently that work has been carried out on the war memorial.

As part of efforts to commemorate those soldiers who gave their lives in World War 1, funding was obtained by the Parish Council to refurbish our village memorial. A significant portion of the refurbishment cost has been met from a Community Council of Devon grant (see PC minutes, 3rd December 2014 and 4th February 2015).

The work has involved repairing the base of the structure which had become cracked and pressure-washing exposed surfaces. At the same time, the lettering of the inscriptions of Landkey soldiers who died in the Great War has been repainted.

An image of the refurbished memorial has been placed on this website.
From Richard Prowse on 9th June 2015:Subject: New Community Centre
There has been much talk about the Parish Council planning application for a new community centre, and some comments on this web site. The Parish Council is very much aware of the concerns of local residents and is very keen to reflect their concerns in the way forward. At the last Parish Council Meeting there was a clear determination to undertake some more consultation with the village whatever the outcome of the current Application. The council has discussed potenntial sites at length and is now keen to involve the wider Community in future discussions.
From Emma Marshall on 21st May 2015:Subject: Community Centre
The Parish Council wishes to advise that it has submitted an OUTLINE planning application to site a new Community Centre on land adjacent to the football pavilion and top playing field at the entrance to the Millennium Green. This application was made to establish the future viability of this site (from a Planning perspective) for such a village facility. If granted the Parish Council will then hold a public meeting (to be publicised in advance) where all Parishioners can attend and have a view on how/what are the next steps should any plans be pursued.

This site was selected as one of the only available Parish Council owned pieces of land located in a central village position that can accommodate a suitable building with adequate access and parking provision.

The provision of a new Community Centre that is abler to meet the various needs of our large and still growing village has long been identified as a priority for Landkey. The Parish Council is keen to stress that any decisions regarding the possible development of such a facility will need the support and input of both residents and community/user groups of Landkey to take it forward.

As soon as there is any news on the Outline Application the Parish Council will arrange a Village Consultation event as outlined above.
From Emma Marshall on 12th May 2015:Subject: Landkey spruce up!!
Hi All
I am wondering if there are any interested volunteers that would like to get involved with a spruce up of the village.
To be more specific I mean getting together and having a litter pickup day and also sorting out some much needed TLC on the public garden spots around the village.

If you are interested and can help with tools and/or time, PLEASE PLEASE get in touch with me via email or come to the next Parish Council meeting.