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Our next village event will be Christmas Tree Festival on 15th December 2017 at 11:00 AM in St Paul's Church

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At least 80 Landkey residents attended the Act of Remembrance at the war memorial on 12th November 2017 at 11am. Earlier, from 10 am, almost all the seats in the village hall were taken for the Service of Remembrance at which as many as 50 people were present. Here, the 2 minutes' silence at the memorial is observed. Image courtesy of Charles Waldron 12th November 2017.
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From Charles Waldron on 21st October 2015:Subject: Points of View, etc.
Landkey Parish Council encourages village residents to make use of the Points of View facility on this website. If there is an issue that concerns village life that you feel needs to be addressed, place it on the "Your Point of View" page and it will be sent to a parish councillor who will reply, if you ask for a response.

It has recently come to light that an intermittent fault might have prevented some Points of View from being submitted. This fault has now been rectified so, if you had tried to send in your Point of View, please accept Charles Waldron's (the web designer's) apology and feel free to use this facility again!

The Parish Council also welcomes the addition of village events to the "Events Calendar". The calendar is shared with St Paul's Church (as church events are also village events) and it would be good to have more events listed from the village in general. If you have an event that you would like to place, feel free to enter it on the "Add Event" page. If you submit events regularly, you might prefer to obtain a login facility as this will enable you to subsequently edit your event/s if required or to add from a stored template to save time. To obtain a login facility, contact Charles at
From Charles Waldron on 29th September 2015:Subject: Acland Memorial Restoration
Landkey villagers might like to know that the Acland family memorial, which is located in the Lady Chapel at St Paul's Church, has recently been restored.

In 2013, a decision was taken by St Paul's Parochial Church Council to seek funding to make the memorial safe (cracks had appeared in its structure) and then to restore it.

A total of over £18000 was raised from various sources and the restoration work was carried out at the start of 2015.

Among the contributors were members of the modern-day Acland family and 25 of these were present at a service held in St Paul's on Saturday 26th September 2015. It was a very enjoyable event and the family members seemed pleased to have been involved in the project and to have visited the village where there ancestors lived as far back as the year 1155AD.
From Richard Prowse on 28th July 2015:Subject: Overgrown verge
Thank you to everyone who has complained about the overgrown areas at the bottom of Tanners Road/oosite Landkey Bridge. We have reported these several times - they are the responsibility of the County Council, but they seem reluctant to take any action. We will keep trying. I understand everyone's frustration - especially those who are threatening to chop them down themselves!!

Richard Prowse
From Charles Waldron on 18th July 2015:Subject: War Memorial Refurbishment
Landkey residents might have noticed recently that work has been carried out on the war memorial.

As part of efforts to commemorate those soldiers who gave their lives in World War 1, funding was obtained by the Parish Council to refurbish our village memorial. A significant portion of the refurbishment cost has been met from a Community Council of Devon grant (see PC minutes, 3rd December 2014 and 4th February 2015).

The work has involved repairing the base of the structure which had become cracked and pressure-washing exposed surfaces. At the same time, the lettering of the inscriptions of Landkey soldiers who died in the Great War has been repainted.

An image of the refurbished memorial has been placed on this website.
From Richard Prowse on 9th June 2015:Subject: New Community Centre
There has been much talk about the Parish Council planning application for a new community centre, and some comments on this web site. The Parish Council is very much aware of the concerns of local residents and is very keen to reflect their concerns in the way forward. At the last Parish Council Meeting there was a clear determination to undertake some more consultation with the village whatever the outcome of the current Application. The council has discussed potenntial sites at length and is now keen to involve the wider Community in future discussions.