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Our next village event will be Bible Study Series on 23rd October 2017 at 2:00 PM in The Old Manor, Landkey

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This image comes from a scan of a calendar page contributed by visitors to Landkey (on 10th August 2017) who had recently purchased a house in South Devon. On exploring their loft, they came across a calendar for 1964 and discovered this scene of St Paul's Church and Landkey Town bridge for July-August of that year. The house below the church, which is visible in the picture, was occupied by Mr and Mrs Mills with their daughters. Mr Mills was the Church Warden for many years and they left Landkey to live in Plymouth. Their house was demolished in 1964. We are grateful to the visitors for letting us have this picture and for Betty Parker for submitting it to be included on the village website. Image courtesy of Betty Parker (uploaded by C Waldron) 11th August 2017.
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From Charles Waldron on 22nd March 2016:Subject: Easter Egg Hunt
Well done to all the organisers and helpers who enabled the Easter Egg Hunt to be a success on Saturday 19th March 2016! The weather was rather chilly but that didn't prevent many enthusiastic egg hunters from following the clues positioned around the Millennium Green which enabled them to work out an Easter-related phrase and earn their eggs!
From Emma Marshall on 6th March 2016:Subject: Easter Egg Hunt
Events for Saturday 19th March 2016
10:30 AM - 1:00 PM: Landkey Easter Egg Hunt

Come along to a family fun morning on the Millenium Green. You can enter the Easter Egg Hunt for 50p. You will need to get letters from the clues that will take you all over the green (welly boots may be advised!) When you have all the letters they will make a word associated with Easter then come and collect your prize!!
Also there will be an easter bonnet competition. Free entry. Just go wild with your imagination. There will be 4 age categories 12 and under, 9 and under, 6 and under, 3 and under. Prizes for the best one and wil be judged by Julie Whitton.
There will be hot and cold drinks on sale, as well as cakes, and our wonderful voluntary groups will be showing what they do.
We also hope to enlist new volunteers for a tidy up group in Landkey.
So please come along.

Venue: Millenium Green

Contact: Emma Marshall on 07400522051
From Michael Gee on 11th February 2016:Subject: Landkey Carols
In 1892 a group was established to sing Christmas Carols. Some are well known, particularly amongst Methodists, while others were composed locally. As well as performing in Landkey the carollers, singers with instrumentalists, would tour the district on carts to Bratton Fleming, Loxhore, Bishop’s Tawton, Cobbaton and Swimbridge. There is an account in the book ‘Discovering Landkey’.

The tradition carried on for a century, but with television, double-glazing and other diversions the tradition has died out. Fortunately some of the music survives.

The Carols enabled people to meet together, to sing and play instruments together, and by all accounts of the tours, to have fun together. It also enabled those with the gift of composition to hear their works performed.
With today’s interest in strengthening community life, in trying to preserve ‘local distinctiveness’, in wanting outlets for local creativity, and in having activities that span the generations, could the Landkey Carols be revived in a modern form? Could we have new Landkey carols or music to suit young and old in the modern age?

There will be a meeting in Landkey Village Hall at 7.30pm on Friday, March 11th to explore the idea. Refreshments provided.
From Richard Prowse on 1st February 2016:Subject: Local Beekeepers - Look out!
Any local beekeepers be on your guard. For the second time this winter our beehives have been violently attacked and the hive sections scattered onto the ground. We hope we have not lost the queens, but only time will tell. Someone is either trying to steal colonies (without success!) or merely trying to cause damage. The police have been informed. Please share any information you may discover. Just remember, without bees humans cannot live and feed.
From Emma Marshall on 21st January 2016:Subject: Easter Egg Hunt.
Just to let you know that the Parish Council will be holding an Easter Egg Hunt on 19th March. From 10.30 -1pm. It will be held on the Millenium Green.
All welcome!
We will be having an Easter Bomnet competition which local businessess in Landkey can sponsor if they so wish. The competition will be open to all children of Landkey and will be judged by Julie Whitton.
We have also invited all of the voluntary groups and organisations of Landkey to have a stall to explain and show what they actually do, should anyone like to get involved.
The Parish Council will be there too with a stall to try and get some interest in a group that we hope to form. We think Landkey needs a good old tidy up....but we need help to do this.
So please do come along, enjoy a cuppa and a slice of cake.
And kids go crazy with your easter bonnet designs!!!!!
If any businessess would like to get involved please get in touch with Emma Marshall. 07400522051