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Our next village event will be Christmas Tree Festival on 15th December 2017 at 11:00 AM in St Paul's Church

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At least 80 Landkey residents attended the Act of Remembrance at the war memorial on 12th November 2017 at 11am. Earlier, from 10 am, almost all the seats in the village hall were taken for the Service of Remembrance at which as many as 50 people were present. Here, the 2 minutes' silence at the memorial is observed. Image courtesy of Charles Waldron 12th November 2017.
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From Charles Waldron on 26th June 2017:Subject: Recycle More trial - feedback

Following the introduction by North Devon Council of the recycling trial featuring three-weekly black bin collections, there will be a meeting in the village hall on 11th July at which village residents can comment on their experience of the new routine and ask further questions, if required.

As a reminder, the Recycle More trial introduces these changes:

  • Three-weekly black bin collections instead of two-weekly.
  • Unlimited recycling with the option to have an additional box and bags at no extra charge.
  • Food waste to be placed in kerbside caddy and emptied on recycling day.
  • Garden waste to be collected every two weeks (except in winter) but a  £36 annual fee applies to this service.

The meeting will be at 7:00pm - 8:30pm.

From Charles Waldron on 19th May 2017:Subject: Recycling trial in Landkey

The meeting held in the village hall on Wednesday 17th May 2017 to discuss plans by North Devon Council to undertake a trial change to the way in which they recycle and dispose of household waste was well attended, with as many as 40 village residents coming along to hear the plans for themselves and to voice their concerns.

Landkey has been selected as one of several communities in North Devon in which the trial will take place, with our village being chosen because it should, according to a scientific analysis of communities in the area, give a representative impression of the likely success (or otherwise) of the new system were it to be extended to all parts of the region.

The main changes which will feature in the trial will be

  • 3-weekly black bin collection
  • weekly waste food collection (by means of a new kerbside caddy)
  • unlimited collection of items which can be recycled
  • a £36 annual charge for green bin (garden waste) collection

These changes were generally well received by those present, although a few were concerned about the new charge for the green bin, fearing that it would just be adding to the Council's income. They were assured, though, that North Devon Council does not make money from green bin collection and that this is a service which was once, but is no longer, subsidised by the Government.

Others were concerned that 3-weekly black bin collection would be insufficient to prevent overfilling of bins with potential for vermin to be attracted. Experience from other areas of the country in which 3, or even 4-weekly bin collections had been trialled proved that this was not a major problem, given that waste food would be collected weekly.

The trial is due to begin on 5th June 2017 and should run for about 6 months before a decision is made whether to implement it generally.

More information can be found at:


From Charles Waldron on 1st May 2017:Subject: Claude Adams

Many local people will be sad to hear of the death of Claude Adams on 24th April 2017. Claude lived in Landkey for much of his life and worshipped at St Paul’s, if only occasionally in recent years. He was 91 years old and had been married to his wife, Joyce, for around 63 years.

Over many years he routinely carried out jobs for St Paul’s and these included cutting the grass on the garden below the church and mending walls. He was also remembered for having repaired the bench seat below the wall in the church garden which is still there, although in need of mending again.

He took part in village activities and was an active member of Landkey Horticultural Society. He was very competitive and took pride in entering produce at the annual Landkey Show where he won many cups and rosettes.

He took as much pride in his own garden and also in his house which he would paint by himself even during his advancing years. Just two years ago, at the age of 89, he took it upon himself to repair the chimney on his house.

Modern cars were not for Claude and he could be seen regularly driving himself and Joyce to town in his 1960s Morris Minor 1000 Traveller which he kept in perfect running order. It is rumoured that he used to drive his Morris onto the Continent, even as far as Switzerland!

He leaves a son and also grandchildren.

The funeral will be held in St Paul's Church on 12th May at 12 noon.

We are grateful to Joyce for allowing this brief account of Claude’s life to be printed.

From Martyn Isaac on 8th April 2017:Subject: Notice of Casual Vacancy

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, by reason of resignation, a vacancy has arisen on the Parish Council. Any persons willing to fill this vacancy should email their details to the Parish Clerk by 1st May 2017.

Full details are available on this link:

Notice of Vacancy

From Martyn Isaac on 1st March 2017:Subject: Vacancy for councillor

A vacancy has arisen for a councillor to serve on Landkey Parish Council.

Full details are available on this link: