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At least 80 Landkey residents attended the Act of Remembrance at the war memorial on 12th November 2017 at 11am. Earlier, from 10 am, almost all the seats in the village hall were taken for the Service of Remembrance at which as many as 50 people were present. Here, the 2 minutes' silence at the memorial is observed. Image courtesy of Charles Waldron 12th November 2017.
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Millennium Green

Millennium Green Trust

The Millennium Green Trust is responsible for the management and upkeep of the Green. Its leader is Karen Trigger and she may be contacted on 01271 831451.

Enjoyed daily by walkers, dog walkers and children alike, the open space on the north-eastern side of the village known as the Millennium Green (see the images below) was formally opened on 24th June 2000 and is regarded as a resource to treasure by the residents of Landkey.

The story of how the Green came into being is no less a source of pride. In the late 1990s, when local leaders learnt to their dismay that plans to build a substantial housing development on the green fields in that part of the village were in progress, they decided to act. Fearing the detrimental effect that a building project of that magnitude would have on the character of the village and its amenities, the Parish Council under the leadership of Richard (Dick) Joy began a relentless and protracted campaign to persuade the builders to abandon their plans.

The Parish Council's campaign took them eventually to Westminster where the government ruled that the planned development should not go ahead. It seems that the government's basis for this decision was that a large housing project visible from the North Devon Link road was not in keeping with the rural nature of this area. It was with much relief that the land which now forms the Millennium Green was donated by Pearce Construction Ltd to the Parish Council to be used henceforth as a recreational facility for the village.

With the Green now preserved for future generations the village leaders turned their attention to sourcing funding to enable its development as an amenity. With the year 2000 approaching, initiatives to mark the new millennium were being funded by the Millennium Commission which received £2.7bn of National Lottery money for this purpose. It was to this source, through the Countryside Agency as part of the government's initiative to create new public open spaces, that the newly-created Landkey Millennium Green trust applied for funds and was successfully awarded £35000.


A portion of this money was used to create paths across the former farmland and to install picnic tables and seats to enable villagers to gain access to and enjoy this new amenity. A further sum was set aside for the planting of a mazzard orchard. The mazzard is a type of cherry which is indigenous to Landkey and which grew in profusion in orchards around the village in the 19th century.

At the time of the First World War, over 100 acres of orchards were recorded in Landkey, most of which were of mazzards. As the 20th century progressed, mazzards gradually fell out of fashion due to the substantial amount of labour required to protect the fruit from being stolen by birds and then to harvest the crop. The trend after 1918 was for populations to move away from rural areas to work in better-paid jobs in towns, making labour for orchards more expensive than it had been. By the 1990s, barely three acres of mazzards remain in Landkey.

To address this decline, a Landkey Orchards Committee had been set up in the early 1990s and had earmarked sites around the village where mazzard orchards might be reintroduced. When funding was later secured from the Millennium Commission, it was a logical step to propose the establishment of a mazzard orchard on the Millennium Green.

A batch of 65 mazzard saplings was sourced from Greenhayes Nursery at Cullompton and was planted in 1999 on a 2-acre section of the Green. Each of the five varieties which were planted, being Greenstem Black, Black Bottler, Dun, Small Black and Hannaford are marked by plaques mounted on stones which border the path which passes through the orchard.

Images of the Millennium Green - past and present (click to enlarge)

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Millennium Green opening day, 24th June 2000. Standing, l-r: Dave Butt (District Councillor), Kate Ashbrook (a member of the Countryside Agency board and access officer for the Ramblers' Association), Richard (Dick) Joy (Landkey Parish Councillor), Michael Gee (a planner who played a large part in submitting the funding bid for the Green), Nick Harvey (MP), Norman Tucker (farmer on whose land the Green was created). Seated, l-r: Lyn Morton (Landkey Parish Councillor), Jane Barton (Millennium Green Trust secretary), Karen Trigger (Millennium Green Trustee), Mrs Tucker. Image courtesy of Karen Trigger.
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Millennium Green opening day, 24th June 2000, with mazzard sapling. L-r: Michael Knight (County Councillor), Kate Ashbrook, Dave Butt, Dave Parsons (Pearce Construction Ltd), Dick Joy, Norman Tucker, Jane Barton and Karen Trigger. Image courtesy of Karen Trigger.
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Millennium Green opening day, 24th June 2000. Kate Ashbrook, Dick Joy and Nick Harvey display the newly-created "Millennium Greens Breathing Spaces" plaque. Image courtesy of Karen Trigger.
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In addition to several bench seats from which views of the orchard and surrounding countryside may be enjoyed, the Millennium Green has a picnic area bordered by shrubs and a rose hedge.
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Mazzard trees in blossom on the Millennium Green, April 2011.
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Mazzard fruit, July 2010.