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Our next village event will be Bible Study Series on 23rd October 2017 at 2:00 PM in The Old Manor, Landkey

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This image comes from a scan of a calendar page contributed by visitors to Landkey (on 10th August 2017) who had recently purchased a house in South Devon. On exploring their loft, they came across a calendar for 1964 and discovered this scene of St Paul's Church and Landkey Town bridge for July-August of that year. The house below the church, which is visible in the picture, was occupied by Mr and Mrs Mills with their daughters. Mr Mills was the Church Warden for many years and they left Landkey to live in Plymouth. Their house was demolished in 1964. We are grateful to the visitors for letting us have this picture and for Betty Parker for submitting it to be included on the village website. Image courtesy of Betty Parker (uploaded by C Waldron) 11th August 2017.
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Welcome to the website for Landkey, a peaceful village located within the rolling green hills of North Devon, England.

Landkey is characterised by a sense of community among its residents, especially among those who have dwelt here for many years and who have an intimate knowledge of the history and culture of the village. Landkey has welcomed many new residents in recent years as successive house-building projects have been completed and it is hoped that initiatives such as the establishment of this website will help to strengthen this sense of community by making available to all residents information about their village in a readily-accessible format.

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From Charles Waldron on 8th October 2017:Subject: Remembrance

On Sunday 12th November, St Paul's church will, on behalf of the village, be holding the annual service to remember all those men and women who have died while serving in the defence of our nation.

In a break with tradition, though, the service this year will be held in the village hall rather than in the church. This change has been made to make it more convenient for those attending the service to then be present at the Act of Remembrance at the war memorial at 11:00 am by avoiding the need to make the long walk up from the church after the service ends.

We hope that as many parish residents as possible will feel welcome to join us at this important time.

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2nd August 2017
Neighbourhood Plan
13th July 2017
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26th June 2017
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We do not have any recent Points of View to show but please feel free to follow the link below to visit our Points of View page. We welcome points of view from Landkey residents, so please let us know of any village issue which is of interest or concern to you. It could be that others share your views!
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Landkey in pictures
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Landkey's Alphabet of Parishes plaque, 1994. Artwork @copyright Judy Barber.
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The Landkey Sculpture. Created by local artist Polly Pocock, this distinctive artwork stands at the entrance to the northern side of village and is made up of local stone from nearby Venn Quarry and is in the shape of the Landkey parish boundary. The sculpture was commissioned by Landkey Parish Council and was inspired following a consultation with local people to seek ideas on what Landkey meant to them. It was unveiled on July 25th 2009.
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Landkey village hall.
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Landkey's Millennium Green, opened in June 2000, is appreciated daily by local residents who make use of this valuable amenity. At the time, it was one of just 250 Greens created nationwide as part of the government's plans to mark the millennium.